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I get asked all the time about online trolls, stalkers and fraudsters harassing people or ripping them off so this week’s private investigator training video is about how to use a screen grab to inspect elements of their mail and how to use the zip+4 with open sources and methods to find where they live in case you need to file a civil suit.


When you are searching online, be careful because the major search engines make their money when you click on their advertising links and they are not above tricking you into clicking the wrong link!

Usually the first few links that come up are advertisers who are trying to scam you or trick rip-off companies who have manipulated themselves higher that the legitimate OSINT source you’re actually looking for.

Where to Learn More…

Learn more with my Public Records Mini-Course. Previously only open by invitation to Licensed Private Investigators, I’ve now opened it to the public because I believe public records are the people’s records!

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