Your Client’s Wants vs. Your Client’s Needs.

This is a big difference between a happy client and an unhappy client.

Start with setting the proper expectations as to what they will get. Then make sure that what they get helps them.

For strictly infidelity or domestic (cheating hearts) cases… some clients may say they want the video evidence for court. They may be saying this just so they sound like it’s not because of personal curiosity – so be prepared for that.

When you explain the reality of how little this will help their case (advise them to talk with an attorney) be sure to offer them a face saving way to hire you anyway – if that’s what they really want to do!

Here’s how I do that…

First I explain to a client that this (probably) won’t help them in court and that they should contact an attorney to answer legal questions, but then I add:

“Of course if you need this to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to go forward, then this may very well help you.”

That phrase allows them to still hire you without seeming like they want the video for strictly personal reasons or mere curiosity. There is nothing wrong with hiring a Private Investigator for those reasons, it’s just that some people don’t want to admit it! Give them a face-saving way out so that they can get what they want and you can get the case (if you want the case).

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