Your client’s risk tolerance.

As a private investigator you have many sources and methods you use to solve cases including skip traces, surveillances, difficult process serves and whatnot, but just because a you can legally and ethically use a source or method, that doesn’t mean you should!

Your most lucrative clients will often be lawyers and law firms. Each one will have a different tolerance for risk.

Make sure you know if they have any investigative techniques they don’t want you to use on their cases.

For example, some lawyers don’t want any covert audio recordings even if it’s ethical and legal in your area because they feel it “looks bad” to judges and juries. The attorney may feel it just appears too sneaky and reflects poorly on their client. They just don’t want to risk a judge or jury member holding it a gains the client – even when it’s perfectly legal and ethical. They’re worried about the “appearance”.

And, you should too really.

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