You have the right to remain silent…

I’m not an attorney and nothing here is legal advise.

Can you use hearsay in your investigation?

Well, anything you hear can point you in the right direction even if it’s not admissible in court!

Of course, you know me, and I do NOT mean you can break the law. You can’t. Stay legal! I’m just sayin’ that just because some bit of information you get isn’t admissible, that doesn’t mean it’s not usable!

As a Private Investigator, do you have to Mirandize someone?

Miranda rights are the rights that protect us from the government. You know, you’ve heard them on T.V. for 45+ years… “You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. Etc.”

Here’s my take on it and my experience:

We are private citizens and not “agents of the state” so, we do not have to read someone their rights. (By the way, they’re OUR rights to!)

But watch the video for how I use not reading someone their rights to my advantage when they ASK me about it! And you can use this trick too.

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