You don’t always have to follow your subject inside.

Many times you don’t have to follow your subject into a building (like a bar) when you’re on surveillance.

The key here is to clearly understand what your client needs and wants.

Sometime your client will want to know what happens inside of a building. Here are two examples:

In one case I worked, the client wanted to know not only who the “other woman” was, but also wanted to know what they were doing inside of the movie theater. Of course the only way I could learn that was to buy a ticket and sit in the rear of the theater to see what they were doing during the movie. (BTW – They were just watching the movie.)

In another case, workers were leaving a work site during work hours (a violation of company policy) and going to a bar. So this time I needed to go into the bar, observe what they were drinking and watch it be made so I could testify that alcohol was actually being used.

BONUS TIP: If you do have to follow them inside, leave BEFORE they do. That way you’re in position to get good video of them leaving and to follow them when they get into their car and drive off.

P.S.- One final note… The movie that couple was watching was The Fast and The Furious. I only mention it because it was so awful and I want you to know how much I had to suffer on that particular surveillance.

I’m just sayin’.

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Larry Kaye,
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