Would you like to have the “extra” OSINT information your database provider can’t give you?

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) covers a lot of territory, but the sweetest sub-set of information is Public Records and your big, restricted access, paid database provider can’t give you the vital information I share with you in this week’s private investigator training video!

This is a case study from a criminal defense case I worked where the prosecutor’s office played a dirty trick by disclosing their list of witnesses, but claiming to have no contact information on them! OUCH! Dirty Pool.

I skip traced the witnesses then, before conducting interviews, I dug a little deeper into public records to find the real dirt.

More than that… I learned EXACTLY who to talk to for the real skinny!

The beauty of it is, when you have the Public Records sources and methods I teach in my paid training, there are NO lies, NO pretext, NO restricted access databases. Heck, you can learn all the secrets even if you don’t have a Private Investigator’s License!

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Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
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