Worse than just burned on surveillance.

As a private investigator, calling the client after you’re burned on surveillance is almost the worst thing, but knowing secretly, in your heart that it’s because you made a mistake is even more gut wrenching!

This week’ private investigator training video approaches this very serious problem with a bit of humor just to take the edge off. But the reality is, if you’ve ever had to make that call to a client, then you know how rough it is.

Usually, your client will not understand.

Maybe if you’re working for a law firm (maybe). And maybe if you’re working on a workers compensation fraud case because “getting burned” happens more for that client simply because they’re assigning a lot more cases.

But a client “off the street”? A woman who want’s her cheating husband followed? She will 100% NOT understand. She won’t. Period. (Neither will a husband who want’s his cheating wife followed.)

Learn good surveillance techniques now, before you need them, and save yourself that terrible call.

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