Why you take bad clients. (And the solution!)

I know why you take bad clients as a private investigator and it’s because you need to make money so you accept cases that are more trouble than they’re worth just to pay the bills (especially when starting out in your detective agency).

The trick to being able to say no to any potential client you want to pass on is to have enough revenue coming in that you can be picky about the cases you accept!

When I Was New

My first three months after I got my Private Investigator license I was getting calls. (Wanna’ know how? Read my book How to Make Money as a Private Investigator). But the ting I was doing wrong was turning down all domestic / infidelity cases!

You see, I didn’t really want to work them, but I soon discovered, when starting out I needed to take (pretty much) every case that came my way!

Later after building up my client base, I was able to turn down all kinds of potential clients who I just didn’t want to work with.

Huge Tip

Any client who calls and says, “It’s easy. All you have to do is…”, well, that guy’s a problem. If he thinks our job is easy then he won’t be happy with the results and balk at paying the well earned fee!

I’m just sayin’.

Is there anyone you should share that with?

The Solution

Get How to Make Money as a Private Investigator and Smarter Selling for Private Investigators. The first is the treasure map, the second is the tools you need to dig up the gold!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator &
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