Why you need a fake brother-in-law to avoid a pretext fail if you’re a Private Investigator.

How to fit in if you go undercover or even just pull a “simple” pretext.

How do you avoid putting your foot in your mouth and pulling a “pretext fail” by actually admitting you don’t know!

In this weeks video I explain how I have (and you can) use the fake brother-in-law to make your pretexts successful.

When you use this subtlety in your pretext, you’re claiming your no good, lazy, deadbeat brother-in-law is trying to convince you to front the money for one of his hair-brained ideas that requires information from the person you’re pretexting.

That means the person your pretexting must convince you to give up your money (invest) in the ideas. So what happens in the subject tells you everything trying to convince you to invest!

So it doesn’t matter how dumb… er… I mean uninformed you are about the topic, the guy you’re pretexting wants your money so he will answer all of your questions!

Of course he may not always be truthful, but you now have him on record lying!

I love using this when I have to pretext in a field I know little about.

However it’s important to remember that a pretext MUST be legal and it must cause no real harm to anyone.

Remember: Do the right thing even if it’s the hard thing.

I have a great section in my two DVD set The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving that covers all kinds of pretexting for serving process. Be sure to check it out right here!

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Here’s the “verbal contracts” video I mention in this video.

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