Why Surveillance Is Worth The Cost.

Private Investigators charge “a lot” for surveillance and there are plenty of reasons for that, but it comes down to this: It’s VERY worth it for the client!

Many times the client can do the math and see exactly how a one-time investment in surveillance will SAVE the monthly money they pay to a worker’s compensation cheat or a custodial parent who isn’t really parenting! You get it, right? I know you do.

By the way… your training works EXACTLY the same way. If you make a one-time investment to learn a P.I. skill that will pay you EVERY MONTH over and over again (like surveillance), then you know it’s totally worth it.

Surveillance is a very (very!) valuable skill to have because so many other investigators are, well… scared to do it and it CANNOT be replaced by Internet searches or other OSINT. But that means all the money is there for the private investigator who will take these cases. P.S. – That’s YOU!

Plus… and don’t miss this… one of the easiest ways to get a private investigator job is to do surveillance work for an established P.I. agency! They’re ALWAYS looking for a qualified applicant to do surveillance.

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Larry Kaye,
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