When to approach a person as a Process Server or make an apprehension as a Bounty Hunter.

This is good advice if part of your job is to “hunt humans”.

If you’re one of the good guys, you understand I’m talking about totally ethical behavior here.

We, as the good guys, sometimes need to approach (and sometimes lay hands on) a “bad guy”.

As a Private Investigator or Process Server that rarely means touching the person, but if your doing fugitive recovery, then, yeah, you may have to physically take someone into custody or “make an arrest”.

Either way, this weeks tip will help you find the “sweet spot” between when the suspect can easily get back into his house and when he can reach his car.

Obviously, you want to time your approach so you get to him (or her!) when he’s kinda’ “stuck” – unable to make it to a place that’s out of your reach… like in his car or his house.

Of course you can still serve him if he’s in his car and I teach all of this in detail on The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving.

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