When should you use physical surveillance as a private investigator?

When should you use physical surveillance as a private investigator? By that I mean actually getting out of your office and following your subject on a mobile surveillance or setting up a stationary surveillance to watch and record what he/she does?

The short answer is: As a last resort.

You can learn almost everything you need to know, most of time, without surveillance. Using databases, pretext, interviews and other methods, you can usually learn the information your client needs.

But… sometimes… well, it takes a real and experienced investigator to go out and conduct surveillance.

Some examples include a Worker’s Compensation fraud case. Your client may need video of the subject to help determine if the work injuries she claims are real.

An infidelity case is another example f when you might need surveillance. Where is the subject going. Who is he meeting and how is he acting? That’s simply not going to be available without physical surveillance.

Sometimes skip tracing will require surveillance. No all the answers are available online!

I’ve frequently had to do surveillance when process serving. Sometimes staking-out a girlfriend’s house is the most efficient way to find your subject.

Bottom line… don’t wast your time and your client’s money doing surveillance unless you actually need to do it.

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