When not to go home.

This week I share three times you should not go directly home.

At first this may seem like common sense, but… I go on to explain exactly why your brain may hijack your common sense!

It’s a little thing that happens in a crisis called “normalcy compliance”.

That’s when a person’s brain “shorts-out” during a crisis or traumatic event and the person does what they would normally do rather than properly react to the crisis!

A real-world situation where this happens is in a plane crash.

The aircraft will have a “rough landing” or a water landing, and even though the landing gear didn’t deploy and the plane skids to a stop, the passengers still stand up as if nothing happened and get their luggage out of the overhead bin. Even though they KNOW they can’t take it with them when they slide down the inflatable ramp!

So… if you have a dramatic situation away from home (like a road-rage incident), FOCUS! Remember this article and make sure your brain doesn’t trick you! Watch for a tail, do any counter surveillance maneuvers as needed and don’t go directly home if you think someone is following you.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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