What you don’t know about the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division.

For most people the only exposure they have to the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division is based on what they see on TV and in the movies. In fact, even the name “Internal Affairs” is the department name we think of because of Hollywood, but many police departments call this division by another name such as “Internal Investigations Division”, “Professional Standards” or “Office of Professional Responsibility”.

Here’s another thing you may not know… many police officers don’t really hate them!

Here’s why… this division of the police department investigates accusations made against police officers, but MOST accusations are false!

It’s easy for a criminal to toss out a false accusation about a police officer doing his or her job because the bad guy has nothing to lose! He thinks he can get the charges dropped or reduced in exchange for agreeing to drop the accusation.

So here’s what happens most of the time… the “Internal Affairs Division” investigates the accusation, discovers it to be unfounded and clears the officer of wrong doing. This process is no fun for the officer who’s going through it, but this division helps to clear innocent officers!

Of course if you’re a dirty cop… watch out. But in my view, if you’re dirty, you SHOULD be held accountable!

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