What to do when you find your subject after losing them on a surveillance.

If you’re working on a mobile surveillance and while following your subject you lose her in traffic, but you later find her car in front of a store… do you go into the store looking for her?

The key is what you do before the surveillance. (And good for you because you’ve taken the time to read this so you are prepared!)

Before you even begin your surveillance, you need to begin with the end in mind. I mean you need to consider, very clearly, what is the objective of the surveillance?

If this is a case of a cheating spouse and if the person they are cheating with is an employee of the store, then you may want to go in and see if you can find them together.

However… It’s much more likely that (for your client) it doesn’t really matter what they do in the store! For example, if this is a workers compensation fraud case, why go in?

HUGE TIP: Ask yourself, “What does the client want”? Or, even better, ask the client!

So, imagine this workers comp case scenario… The subject is in a store. Why go in and risk missing them only to come out and find they already drove off?

Here’s the better move… set up outside so you have a good view of their car. Use your monpod or tripod to get nice, steady and clear video of them walking, pushing the cart to their car, unloading groceries into the trunk and then (as a bonus!) you’re already in a great position to follow them as they depart for their next destination!

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