What to do when mistaken for a cop as a private investigator.

I got a question from a follower and he asked, “What do you do when you’re working as a private investigator, but mistaken for a police officer”?

The only time I recall this happening to me was when it didn’t involve any case I was working on, but when I would be in a neighborhood and the kids on the street would call out, “Five-O! Five-O!” to let the corner boys slinging dope know a cop was in the area.

I’ve never had someone I was interviewing or trying to get information from mistake me for a police officer and I think that’s because I’ve always been very clear that I’m a P.I.

Of course, there were times I was “pretexting” for information and posing as a construction worker or flower delivery guy and they had no idea I was working as a private investigator. But it would have been impossible to mistake me for law enforcement then!

Forbidden Pretext

Some pretext are forbidden by law or ethics (or both!) and for one of those reasons or the other I would never pose as…

Law Enforcement

Additionally, I would tread lightly on any fake identity where the real thing requires a license form the state.

And here’s a big one… Never use any kind of pretext to get banking information in the United States. Currently that’s a federal offense and the law is written to cover any clever little loophole you think you’ve found in it!

Lastly, I personally would never pose as any kind of clergy. That’s because I think getting to heaven (and taking as many people with you as you can) is the whole purpose of life and I never want to mess with someone trying to reach that end goal!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

P.S. – If you are posing as law enforcement, well… that’s kind of a loser move. Why can’t you get the information you need in a legitimate way? You gotta’ work on your private investigator skills!

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4 thoughts on “What to do when mistaken for a cop as a private investigator.

  1. I have been mistaken for a few things in my time as a PI but this one time I was mistaken for the FBI. I was serving papers to this elderly lady and she just assumed that’s what I was. I just explained to her that I wasn’t and went on my way.

    • I can definitely see an older person being a little confused, especially if she was a decent, upright citizen.

      It’s no surprise to me that you (as a professional investigator) handled it so honorably.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Larry,
    Good statement on the clergy part of the video. Why would we as God fearing people want to put a doubt in someones mind? That keeps us from bringing a good witness for those who are lost.

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