What to do if you’re pulled over by the police while on surveillance.

You’re working as a private investigator and, while conducting a mobile surveillance, you get pulled over by the police… What do you do?

1. Accept it.

At this point, your subject is gone. It happens. We lose our subjects for a variety of reasons, there no sense in blaming the cop who pulled you over.

2. Be calm.

This really is no big deal. You’re most likely going to get a ticket. You’re most likely going to pay the ticket. That’s it. When it’s done, forget about it.

3. Signal and pull over to the right.

“Go right for siren and lights.”

4. Put on your hazard lights.

5. Turn off your engine.

6. Place your hands on the steering wheel at “10 and 2”.

And keep them there during the stop unless told otherwise by the cop.

7. Be polite.

Here’s some good advice for life in general… “Be Classy”.

Maybe you’re not to that level of spiritual development yet. If that’s the case, strive to reach this level: “Don’t be a jerk”.


This is not about “getting out of a ticket”. It’s about your safety and the safety of the officer.

Let’s face it… you are probably being pulled over for a good reason so accept it.

If you’re being pulled over for some phony baloney thing… accept it. You will ALWAYS lose with a cop on the street. Just be polite and you’ll get your day in court.

Disclaimer: I am not a law enforcement officer so this advice is based on my time working as a K-9 Security Patrol Guard and from being pulled over as a working private investigator on surveillance.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator

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