What Shamu the killer whale taught me about pretexting as a Private Investigator and Process Server.

Private Investigators and Process Servers know, a fundamental of a good pretext is to make sure something is in it for the subject you’re pretexting.

We, as the good guys, sometimes need to present ourselves are someone we are not when serving court papers or gathering information. When we do this it’s called pretexting.
Some people may call a pretext a scam. Some might say it’s trying to rip-off information from a subject. I guess I can go along with the idea of it being a scam, but not a rip-off. Here’s the thing…

You can do no real harm to the person in the course of a legitimate pretext! And, of course, your pretext has to be legal. Don’t bend, stretch or break the law. If you do, you’re no longer one of the good guys.

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