What is “The Rule of Plus One”?

What is the rule of plus one and why is it so important?

The rule of plus one, comes out of the law enforcement community but it’s very valuable for us as private investigators.

If you work as a lost prevention officer, asset protection agent, security officer, process server, even as a repo guy, the rule of plus one will help you.

The idea is, at the moment of discovery of something or someone, be thinking, “Is there another one?”

Whatever you find, figure there’s that one, plus one.

A law enforcement officer on a traffic stop might come up to a car and see two people in the car, immediately, he knows he’s got two, but where is another person? Is there the “plus one”?

Weapons – this is a big thing. If you discover that somebody has a weapon (even if they voluntarily throw down a weapon)… be thinking “plus one”.

As a private investigator, if you’re going in to someone’s home to interview them and there’s two people there in a room, be thinking plus one. Is there someone else in this house?

As you’re doing investigations, if you’re searching for somebody and, while searching property records, you find they own a piece of property, be thinking about that plus one. Is there another piece of property they own?

What about criminal convictions? You’re looking though a criminal history search and you come across one criminal conviction. The rule of plus one says, “You’ve discovered one here, but is there another one?” It may not be in the same county. It may not even be in the same state, but part of your responsibility (on a background check) may be to find if there’s another conviction – that plus one.

Be thinking about the rule of plus one. It’s really important, especially when you leave your office and get out onto the streets. Practice the rule of plus one as you do your investigations.

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4 thoughts on “What is “The Rule of Plus One”?

  1. Great first podcast! I liked the fact that you presented both side of the cases, the lying follow up was very thoughtful and helps me do my job with more confidence, thank you!

  2. Thank you Larry…I’m learning so much from you that other studies haven’t offered.Im looking forward to learning more. Your making investigating fun for me!

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