What is an Indictment. Plus an example with a surprising detail!

What is an indictment? An indictment is the official charging for a person with a criminal offense.

While I am not an attorney, my experience as a private investigator is that indictments (at least in my area) are for felony criminal charges.

Side Note: Misdemeanor charges are filed with a “criminal complaint”.

The prosecutor will present evidence to a Grand Jury and seeking an indictment of an individual for a crime.

Some say this process is pretty one-sided. And it really is. The old joke is, “A prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich if he wants to”.

This weeks OSINT training video is about what an indictment looks like and the information you can find in one.

This video is a short clip from my full paid skip trace training course, The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Missing Persons and Fugitives: How to Skip Trace When Social Media Fails.

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