What is an ex parte TRO?

What is an ex parte T.R.O.? It’s a Temporary Restraining Order issued by the court when only one party to the case is present.

This goes against the norm in judicial proceedings. Normally both parties must be present when speaking to the judge. Heck, that’s a big reason we serve process. It’s not just to (sometimes) compel a party to come to court and/or bring certain evidence, but also so all parties know what’s going on in the proceedings.

Process Servers

As a process server you’re going to deliver a lot of restraining orders of one kind or another (IE. Civil Protection Orders, etc.).

Take the normal precautions you always do when serving process and if you have any concerns, ask your client (the law firm) if there are any special considerations with that particular individual.

Private Investigators

You’ll come across a lot of restraining and protection orders as you do background checks and skip tracing. Make sure you understand not all of these are the “red flags” they seem to be. Especially ex parte orders because the person wasn’t there to defend him or herself and tell their side of the story.

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Of course, I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice. Duh.

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