What does a Private Investigator look like?


Can you tell a P.I. just by looking at him?

That’s a trick question because many Private Investigators are women!

So then, what is P.I. work like?

Well, there is a lot of drudgery in detective work.  I like to say if you followed me around, filming my work all week, you’d probably get enough interesting footage for a half hour TV show.  (I figure about 23 minutes without commercials.) That’s not much, but, then again, how many jobs can say that?

Let’s face it, what we do is kinda’ cool.  Most people never get to see the things we get to see or do the things we get to do.

A lot of what we do is hunt people. Sure, it’s a catch and release hunt, and frequently we hunt them with a video camera – rather than a gun (usually).   But still, how many people do that?!?!  It’s kinda’ cool.

Check out this Tuesday’s video and learn how to keep your ego in check about this.

No one should know what we can do and certainly not HOW we do it!

In this video I even share with you a real life case where a guy who claimed to be a Private Detective did a horrible job – a real P.I. Fail – all because he wanted to “look like the real thing”.  He was even decked out like some kind of S.W.A.T team member!  What a goof-ball.

Remember:  Keep your “super power” a secret.

5 thoughts on “What does a Private Investigator look like?

  1. I know I’m supposed to change appearance when working on a surveillance. My questions is: how? Do I have to carry extra clothes with me? Doesn’t that look obvious?

    • Great question. If you’re working out of a vehicle (especially a van) then changing your shirt or jacket can be easy and discreet. When I’m on foot, I dress in layers and take off a layer as needed. For example… maybe a light gray button down shirt worn over a dark tee-shirt. Then after the subject turns a corner and is out of sight, I take off the button down shirt and tie it around my waist or… I might be wearing a shirt form the thrift store so I simply drop it in the trash. Instant change of appearance!

  2. Hot summer days I wear those tear away bottom pants that zip around just above the knee.Turning them into shorts prior to exiting the lobby or phone booth, similar to the previous post.

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