What do you call the bad guys? (And why it matters!)

How should you refer to these guys (and gals) in your report? How about when you’re discussing them with other investigators?

Mutts, mooks, dirtballs, scum bags, criminals, hustlers, cheaters, thieves, knuckle heads, targets, suspects. These are a few of the many terms investigators, cops and all the good guys use to name the bad guys.

I mean, you gotta’ call them something right?

I doesn’t really matter to them what you call them. A junkie looking for a fix doesn’t care about you at all. He just want’s a fix.

So why does it matter?

In this video I explain why this makes a big difference and discuss the three most common names used in a professional investigator’s report.

So what do YOU call them? Let me know in the comments.

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