Vitamins vs Pain Killers for Private Investigator Marketing.

In your private investigation business you need to know if you’re selling vitamins, pain killers or a combination of both.

“Vitamins” are products or services that you sell a little bit at a time (over a long period of time) to your clients to prevent problems. These are things like pre-employment screening background checks.

“Pain killers” are products or services you sell when a client is “in pain” and needs an immediate solution. Pain killers for us P.I.’s may be surveillance on a cheating husband or a skip trace on a witness that’s needed for a court case.

It’s nice to sell vitamins because they provide a more steady, predictable income. But many people won’t spend money on vitamins so they’re a harder sell than pain killers.

Compare that to when people are in pain. When they have pain, they will pay a lot more to stop the pain and they want to buy the pain killers right now!

Think of it like this… preventing lung cancer is (usually – but not always!) super cheap. Just quit smoking! But people don’t do it. Curing lung cancer is a hard, painful and expensive, but people willingly give everything they have to cure it.

In our business (and a lot of businesses) and in life, it’s harder to sell the vitamins… but it’s worth it! Not just for us to get a more steady income, but also for our clients because it saves them money and prevents a lot of future pain. Win/Win!

Just something to think about as you build and grow your detective agency.

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