Verify information before reporting it to your client!

This week I want to talk to you about verifying the accuracy of information you get as a private investigator.

When you collect evidence, you’re many times going to have primary documents or you’re going to have gathered the information first-hand (like when you conduct an interview), but when you get the information “second-hand” (like from an “info broker” or some online database), you have verified that the information is correct before you pass it on to your client.

For example…

If you do it in a skip trace, you’re not just going to return to the client an address. You will have taken some kind of steps to verify the address is correct. Maybe you’ve actually gone out there and seen them or maybe you’ve done a telephone pretext.

Whatever it is, you’ve taken some kind of action to verify the address.

What I want you to be cautious of is when you’re using another investigator, an info broker or a database during a skip trace. Don’t just give the address they bring you to the client. Make sure that it’s verified.

If you’re using an info broker and they’re searching some online databases and two or three databases come up and say, “Well here’s the address. I verified it with three different sources,” that doesn’t mean the person is really there!

You need to ask yourself some questions… How up-to-date are those databases? How accurate are those sources? Did the skip move out last week?

Your client may be making some expensive decisions based on the information you provide. I mean, no one hires a private eye because of some trivial matter! If the information you provide your client is incorrect, you’re not going to be able to go to the client afterward and say, “Well, my info broker gave me bad information.”

The key take-away today is, no matter what source you’re using – be it online sources you’re searching, databases, an info broker, even another investigator – the key here is verify the information you get before you give it to your client.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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