Two common types of hit and run auto accident s.

When you see an auto accident or you’re investigating a car crash, you will begin to see two common actions if it’s a hit and run.

The first is the typical “hit skip” you imagine when you think of these things. One car hits another then takes off. The tricky thing is that very often, when the hit-skip car first starts to move, many witnesses will think it’s just moving to the side of the road. They don’t recognize the accident is about to turn into a hit and run!

The second situation is usually when a car hit a pedestrian or bicyclist. The driver stops, gets out of the car and it looks like they’re going to stay at the scene of the accident. But, when they hear the sirens of the police or medics responding, the driver gets scared, jumps back into their car and takes off!

The key in both of these scenarios (or anytime you witness a car accident) is to get the license plate number as soon as possible. Even if you think the driver is going to stay.

If you think the driver is going to stop and take responsibility, but then they run, at least you’ll have a license plate number!

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