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Anytime we think the problem is “out there”, that thought is the problem. We empower what’s out there to control us. – Stephen Covey


This quote goes back to an idea I return to time and time again…

Don’t make excuses.

For Private Investigators it’s so easy to say, “The guy drives too fast for me to follow him.” or “There’s just no good place to set up for a surveillance.” or “I have to charge rock-bottom prices to get cases.” or whatever.  And I’ll grant you, it ain’t always easy, but you can still clean-up taking cases and specifically surveillance cases, other investigators can’t seem to do!

I have discovered that if you take your time and learn the techniques and secrets first (and correctly!) soon the proficiency WILL come.  And I mean surprisingly quickly! And that includes the ability to take calls from potential clients and turn them in to paying cases.

Good “form” (using the right technique, at the right time), beats any excuse that you can think of.

And that’s the good news, but…

Here’s what’s worse than making excuses about your cases…

In life people make excuses for things that are “out there”. They say, “I would do that except…”

– I don’t have enough money.
– I’m to old / young.
– my wife / husband / parent won’t let me do it.
– my town is too big / small for that to work.
– my clients don’t understand.
– school / work takes all of my time.
– and on, and on, and on!

You can’t control any of the items that are “out there”. You can only control yourself. Everything else is an excuse.

Action Item:

Starting right now, don’t make another excuse ever.

For example: Don’t say, “I don’t have enough money”. Ask yourself, “How can I do this with the money that’s available to me?” Or, “How can I get the money to do this in a way that’s enjoyable to me?”

Don’t blame anything that’s “out there”. When you do that you give unreal power to the thing you’re blaming. And if it has the power, you can’t change or fix it.

YOU have the power to find a solution and refusing to make excuses is one way to exercise that power. There IS a solution.

If you really want to improve your situation, you can work on the one thing over which you have control – yourself.

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