Tip for a Cheap Time Lapse Camera Substitute

In a previous entry, I told you how the film crew would sometimes “oooh and aahhh” over certain surveillance techniques I would teach. Here’s one smaller example…

If you don’t have, can’t afford or simply don’t want to risk losing an expensive time-lapse camera on a surveillance gig then try this…

Put an old analog watch (you know – the type with hands – not the digital readout type) under the rear tire of your subject’s car when it’s parked. Then leave the area. Go home. Grab lunch. Whatever.

When your subject backs out of the driveway, the car will crush the watch stopping it at the exact time he pulled out.

Simply go back, retrieve the watch and now you know the exact time your subject left for work or whatever!

This can save you hours of waiting around to learn when your subject leaves so you can go back and conduct your surveillance when he’s most likely to be on the move.

This saves you time and your client money.

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Happy hunting!

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