This week’s Tuesday Video Tip.


This is a quick one minute tip for Private Detectives working on domestic or infidelity cases.

This is called the “S.A.C. Secret”.

Cheaters everywhere are being caught no matter how careful they are because of this secret!

This is like knowing exactly where the weakest part of a cheater’s plan is and then moving on it.

If you’re a Private Investigator and you’re trying to catch a cheating husband, then try this.

Of course this also works if you need to catch a cheating wife!

And if you are a cheater, no matter how slick you think you are, this will get you busted!

It’s also helpful to remember this when skiptracing. If you’re looking for someone who has disappeared or skipped out and you’re at a dead end, try tracking down their better half. Many times a man will do a great job of hiding his tracks, but his wife or girlfriend is easy to find. (And visa versa.) Just ask James “Whitey” Bulger!

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