The Worst Private Investigator Tip

This is the worst private investigation tip I ever got…

I’m sharing it because you need to know it. However… DO NOT use it as an excuse to do less than your best!

An old Private Investigator I met at a convention years ago taught it to me and I’m going to pass it along to you.

UPDATE: Okay, I now see he wasn’t really “old”. He was probably younger than I am now. Ouch!

I asked this very experienced investigator, “What happens if you go out to interview a witness (or suspect) and they refuse to talk to you?

I use to worry about that and spent a lot of time preparing before interviews. Of course that taught me a ton about getting people to talk, but I was always concerned about “what if” they wouldn’t talk to me.

He said, “Simple. In your report just write, ‘Subject refused to make a statement’”.

Me: Er, Okay.

I had learned a “fall-back” in case I couldn’t get a statement, but I was really glad I had spent a few years fine tuning my skill to get people to talk before I learned this!

So… this tip alleviated my stress, but I’m glad I didn’t learn it earlier in my career!

BONUS: Here’s a blog post I have on getting someone to talk to you after they say, “My lawyer told me not to talk to anyone.”

In the mean time, leave a comment with the worst Private Detective tip you ever got.

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