The trials you’re going through are the key for you as a private investigator.

The trials you’re going through are the key to every other opportunity you’re going to have.

You’re having trouble breaking into this line of work. If nobody will hire you because you’ve got no experience. Nobody will bring you on and even working on for free just to train you it’s just tough. It’s a trial. It’s a difficulty. But there’s something good in that for you and I’m going to share that with you this week.

Here’s the thing. The trial and difficulty that you’re going through is something that’s going to expand your skills and abilities. If you don’t give up, you will get better by going through this.

The trial leads to better skills and opportunities.

I heard this concept specifically spelled out in John C. Maxwell’s book, The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day, a very good book.

Maxwell spells it out in there specifically on page 43 where he says, trials are “the key to every other opportunity.”

He gives a very specific example, a biblical example actually, Joseph from the Old Testament, if you’re familiar with that story.

John Maxwell explains that the trials that Joseph went through were the key to his personal success. And the key to Joseph being able to save the entire kingdom from starvation through a 7 year famine! Without the trials… mass starvation. Thousands dead.

The trials you’re going through are the key to every other opportunity you’re going to have.

I’ll give you a very specific example here in the private investigation world.

For me it was learning how to trace license plates.

Back when I was new in the industry really just associated with it by way of working private security, the company that I worked for and one guy in particular was able to run license plates and this fascinated me.

If we had had a problem we’d write down the license plate number and give it to him. He was able to run the plate and find out who the registered owner of the vehicle was.

I was fairly close to this guy. I worked for him but still it felt like he was, if not a friend, at least a close associate. He looked out for me as a boss and gave me the best equipment, the best car, the best assignments, everything. I like to think that I earned those things, but it was also because we were basically tight.

I went to him one day and asked how he ran license plates. Is that something that anybody can do or do you have to have a special contact? What’s the deal? He looked at me and said, “You got to have a special contact.”

“Oh, okay.” I took him at his word, but I still wasn’t sure that was the truth.

Later I would learn that back then you did not need a special contact. You did not need special access. It was public record back then. Anybody could go down to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with a buck and a quarter in their hand and slide a license plate number written on a napkin across the counter to them and they would give you a print out, the abstract of registration telling you who the vehicle was registered to, their address and other little bits of information. Anybody could do this.

Yet, here was a guy who I was kind of close to, who knew the secret and he would not share it with me.

Don’t get me wrong when I finally learned how to do it, I didn’t tell anybody. I wasn’t about to tell anybody that this is a problem they could solve on their own with five quarters.

INSIDER INFO: That’s the thing about what we do. A lot of what we do is not difficult, but it is secret. And we’re just not sharing those secrets with people. Not unless you get real paid training from someone and then they’re obligated to share the secrets. That’s what you’re paying for!

My point is, I went through these trials, I went through the learning process myself and I probably went another year or more before I learned how to run license plates. And how did I learn? It was through a trial, a difficulty.

The Trial

Someone I knew was being stalked, and at one point, they managed to get the license plate number of the car following them.

Now it was personal.

Now it was important. Now it was someone that I loved in danger and I figured out how to run the license plate. I learned, at that time, it was public record and I could go get it for myself.

But for years I didn’t know how. Everybody would tell you that you need a special source and I kinda’ believed that… until I met with that trial, that difficulty. That’s when I pushed the limits and figured it out.

My lesson for you today.

The thought I want you to take with you is, if you’re having troubles, difficulties, especially trying to get in to this industry, just know that – if you push through – it’s going to make you stronger and better than the next guy.

If you’re trying to make a living as a private investigator that’s really important because you’re going to be in competition with these people as well.

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