The Mistake Every P.I. Makes.

When you go to testify in court, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is, “Did you manipulate the surveillance video in any way?”

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, you will RARELY have to testify in court. But when you do, it will tend to be some of your BEST PAYING cases and the cases that tend to have some heavy consequences riding on them.

For example, one case I had to testify on was an alimony case that was costing my client $4,000 EACH MONTH! Can you afford to fail on that case? Are you ready to get sued and start paying the four grand each month because you make this stupid “little” mistake?

Reply below if you have any ideas or other solutions on this topic.  Thanks!

P.S. – Just FYI… My client won that alimony case, because of my video.

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