The Little Known Benefits of a Private Investigator for Subpoenas.

If you’re working for an attorney, a subpoena may be the way your client gets the information, but if that’s the case, why hire a P.I. at all?

So how can a private investigator help if the lawyer is “getting” the information with a subpoena?

This is key…

The P.I. can learn where to search and what to subpoena!

It’s all too easy to miss the thing that will actually solve the client’s problem, even if the client has the time and resources to collect everything they can think of (and no client really has that money or time) and even if a law firm is given great latitude by a judge to go on a fishing expedition like that.

But with a qualified, professional investigator, the client can use a scalpel to precisely request the records or other evidence they require to significantly strengthen their case!

Case Study:

One child custody case I worked the mother had custody of the children and was abusing them horribly.

Initially I was hire to get surveillance video. I got great video and testified before the judge who put new restrictions on where the mother could take the kids. So when the violation of the judges orders continued, my client requested more surveillance.

Even after the second time in court presenting the new surveillance video the father (my client) didn’t get custody!

With more investigations I discovered the mother was defrauding the government of a significant amount of money. I couldn’t get those confidential government records, but after telling my client, his lawyer was able to subpoena the documents. That was reliable, verifiable proof against the mother.

That evidence together with my security footage was finally what worked. Case closed.

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