The Importance of Covert Skip Tracing

There’s “batch skip tracing” that real estate investor’s and flippers do to skip trace property owners and then there’s covert skip tracing done by private investigators, process servers, repo agents, fugitive recovery agents and others in the security and investigative profession.

When you’re searching online for skip tracing tips and tricks, be sure you understand whether or not the source or method you’re learning leaves a “footprint”.

Sometimes you don’t want to leave a trace that you’re looking for someone.

Why? Because if you tip them off before you find them, they can go into even deeper hiding!

If you think it’s hard to serve civil papers on a deadbeat ex-husband who owes a ton of court ordered back child support, just wait until he finds out a real private investigator is looking for him!

So, be careful who you’re learning from!

Another reason to learn from the right person…

Don’t get ANY paid training unless the person teaching it has produced the results in his life he’s promising to produce in your life!

BTW, I am Mr. Been-There-Done-That!

Skip tracing and other P.I. work is how I made my living for 9 years until I switched over to just training other pros! (Full Disclosure: I still do a ton in this field, but not for the general public like I used to.)

So, as Jim Rohn used to say: Be a student not a follower.

Take what I teach you her and learn for other pros to determine the best thing for your unique circumstances!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator &
Best Selling Author

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