The Best Public Records Search Site For You.

I get asked all the time what free public records search websites specifically I use for skip tracing, background checks and other private investigator work I do.

The answer is:

It doesn’t matter!

Knowing the specific site I’m searching isn’t what’s important!

You need to search the site that’s right for your location and your case.

I can give you the exact website address so you can search the my county sheriff’s inmate records, but that’s not what you need! You need to find the site in YOUR county.

Same with the criminal court index and other government offices holding public records in your area.


When you are searching online, be careful because the major search engines make their money when you click on their advertising links and they are not above tricking you into clicking the wrong link!

Usually the first few links that come up are advertisers who are trying to scam you or trick rip-off companies who have manipulated themselves higher that the legitimate office you’re actually looking for.

I hope that’s helpful!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Public Records Search Site For You.

  1. I believe it’s the Spirit of Jesus that brought this Jesus freak you your page. I’m dope addict that became a HOPE addict. I humbly understand Jesus is the ONLY source of true HOPE and anything else are attempts to “dope” my spirit even more. I can only hope to be a witness for Christ Jesus moving forward. Thank you for serving Abba.

    • In Saint Augustin’s book Confessions, on page 1, he says of God, “… you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rest in you.”

      The problem is, we try to fill that “God shaped hole” with something other than God. When we try do that it doesn’t get filled-up and we become addicted to that thing (always trying more and more to fill the hole) rather than turning to God to fill the God shaped hole.

      If we center our entire life around Jesus, the rest tends to fall into it proper place.

      All the best!

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