Surveillance and Money.

Surveillance and Money

Here’s an important thing to remember… Surveillance is usually only used if there’s no other way to get information needed by the client. And that’s GREAT news for a Private Investigator because surveillance is a billable service that cannot be done by an online information broker.

So, if you currently own a Detective Agency, or you’re thinking about starting one, and you can do surveillance, then you have a unique selling point that many clients need!

You do not want to be competing for business against on-line information brokers. (Even though info brokers will never replace real Private Investigators – sometimes that’s hard to explain to potential clients.) You need something to set you apart from them and the single easiest difference to explain to clients is surveillance.

In the Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance, I have a section dedicated to marketing – and it’s worth the price of the course all by itself!

In this Private Investigator training DVD set you’ll find the telephone script to get clients, even if you don’t have a ton of experience. (However, you DO need to know how to do surveillance – Don’t worry, I also teach you all the surveillance techniques you’ll need.) Now, personally, I didn’t have a lot of potential clients ask me about my experience. But if you do, this script has you covered. And it’s good just to have this script so you can answer your phone (or emails) with confidence when you’re starting out.

On the other hand…

Almost everyday I did have to handle “price shoppers” who would call from P.I. to P.I. looking for the best deal – and that was GREAT for me! Why? Because I finally figured out what to say to them so they would hire me WITHOUT compromising on my rate!

Of course, I share that secret in the marketing section as well. Basically I teach you how to “legally steal” potential clients from other agencies! On The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance DVD set, I share with you the “Three Magic Words” that you need to make this work for you.

I’m not talking about “tricking” a potential client into hiring you. But think about it… if you’re the best detective for the case and they DON”T hire you – then you’ve BOTH missed a good opportunity!

Use the marketing section so your client gets the best Private Investigator for their case and you get the paying cases you need to make your business flourish!

I’ve got a ton to teach you, so maybe not the next entry, but soon, I’ll talk about what to charge for surveillance.

Check back soon!

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