Step-by-Step: Solve cases using free public record search sites.

Want to know what free public records search websites I use for license plate look-ups, skip tracing, criminal records checks, background checks and other private investigator work I do. The answer is:

The one that has the records I need!
That’s is where I search public records!

Knowing the specific site I’m searching isn’t what’s important!

You need to search the site that are right for your location and your case. Different public records have different information.

Vehicular Accident Reports

Accident reports have addresses and phone numbers and known associates (riding in the car with the subject you’re investigating.

Inmate Records

Inmate records (AKA: Sheriff’s Booking Info) has dates of birth, inmate ID number, booking date, criminal charges, mugshots and sometimes even their next court date!

Police Radio Traffic

Police radio traffic or scanner traffic has a TON of good stuff, sometimes even including the owner of a car when searched by license plate number!

I can give you the exact website address so you can search the my county sheriff’s inmate records, but that’s not what you need! You need to find the site in YOUR area..

Same with the criminal court index and other government offices holding public records in your area.

In this weeks private investigator training video I explain step-by-step exactly how I solved my client’s problem without even leaving my office. I used all free online public records sites.


When you are searching online, be careful because the major search engines make their money when you click on their advertising links and they are not above tricking you into clicking the wrong link!

Usually the first few links that come up are advertisers who are trying to scam you or trick rip-off companies who have manipulated themselves higher that the legitimate office you’re actually looking for.

I hope that’s helpful!

Committed to your success,

Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator &
#1 Best Selling Author

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