Stalker Counter-Surveillance.

If you’re being follow by a car, you need to make the counter-surveillance choice of whether you want to lose the tail or “out” your tail (meaning discover who is following you)!

Losing the Tail

Losing the tail may be as simple as making 3 or 4 left hand turns. This pretty much alerts the person following you that you know you’re being follow and they likely will “break the tail” and leave on their own. It works!

Outing the Tail

“Outing” a tail means discovering who is following you.

This may start with the simple step of noting their license plate before you lose them. You may not being able to turn that license plate number into a name and address, but the police can!

Or you may want to try this…

Call the police and tell them where you are and describe the car following you.

If you feel it’s safe to do so, let the car continue to follow you until the police arrive and stop him. Note: that can take a long time. The delay between what you tell the call taker and what the cop on the street hears can cause confusion about your location and delay the response. But the police will be trying to find you.

Once the police stop the car they start documenting all sorts of interesting information you can learn with a public records request!

There will be a record of the traffic stop, you can get a copy of any citation, ticket or written warning the driver receives and there might even be body camera video you can get a copy of!

Not to shabby.

Talk about turning the tables on a stalker who want’s to remain anonymous.

I hope you find this helpful!

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