Sometimes it’s the little things…

This is one of those things that can tell you a lot about a person.

When you’re talking with a client before a surveillance, listen to what they tell you and how they say it.

Most of us will say “He lives at 123 Main Street.” or “She lives in the big building at Main and High”

But some people say something more like this…

“He stays at 123 Main Street.” or “She stays in the big building at Main and High.”

Did you notice the difference? One says “lives at” and one says “stays at”.

Street people, gang members and many people who are living a lifestyle that’s kinda’ rough tend to say “stays at”. This is a subtle, but a very telling thing.

Most people who say “stays at” tend to have lived a rougher life. So…

If you’re being hired by a client and they use use the phrase “stays at” understand that the subject or location of your surveillance may be a little more hard-core than than a infidelity case in the suburbs.

Now don’t get me wrong. Either subject can turn ugly if they discover they’re being followed! You cannot afford to drop your guard or be sloppy because you think this guy or that gal is a softer target.

You MUST use your training and skills and bring your best work to each case.

I’m just sayin’, listen and observe the small things that can be very telling.

This can put you in the right mindset for your surveillance and that’s very important.

It can be the difference between failure and success.

And you learn it one of two ways…
You can have an experienced P.I. teach it to you or you learn by trial and error – which is way more expensive!

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