Skip Tracing by US Mail

Skip Tracing by US Mail is easy and cheap plus it can be used by anyone, even if you aren’t a licensed private investigator or process server when you understand this week’s training video excerpted from Larry Kaye’s Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving!

1. The key is to send a piece of First Class Mail (it’s gotta’ be First Class!) to your skip’s last known address (LKA).

2. Under the return address write the words: Return Service Requested

Here’s what happens…

Either they have filed a Change of Address Form with the US Postal Service, in which case your letter comes back to you with a yellow sticker on it with their new address. Win! Or…

If they haven’t filed a Change of Address Form, the letter gets delivered to the address you sent it to (their LKA).

What to Send and Why

I send a photocopy of an old ad from a tech magazine. It’s a full page ad trying to sell an older, expensive printer no one would actually want.

That means if they actually get the letter (heck, maybe they still live at that address!), they just see it as a piece of “junk mail’ and throw it away.

I have even found my letter torn in two and in the trash on occasions when my skip tracing has go so far as to do a “trash pull”.

What Return Address to Use

If you have a clean address when you can get mail that’s not associated with you or your business, that’s best. (I never went through that expense.

I just use the same private mail box (PMB) that I use for my business address but (and this is important!), I NEVER put my business name on the return address. I mean they will notice if the return address is to: Larry’s Detective Agency, 123 Main Street, etc!

So I just use the street address like this…

123 Main Street
Town, ST 12345
Return Service Requested

Finally, you can just ask…

If you need the forwarding address to serve process, you can request this information for the Post Office. You may have to fill out a form, but they’re supposed to give it to you.

Same if you need the “real” address for a PO Box holder!

If you like this training, remember it’s just one small part of The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving!

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