Should you take Criminal Defense cases?

Should you feel bad about the evidence you collect for your cases?

In this video I talk about how I had previously refused all Criminal Defense work and how I eventually started taking these cases… even for some really bad guys.

I’m actually a big proponent of a fair court system.  The accused, and even convicts, have certain inalienable rights… Just like you and me.

Think about it… If the guy is guilty, you’re only going to help prove his guilt.  If you take a case where the guy is innocent, he deserves to be set free!

I do reveal one dirty Private Detective trick that you should never try.  I reveal several more tricks in The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance DVD video training course.

Basically this video is kinda’ like a short little Private Investigator Podcast.

How do you feel about working these cases?  Please feel free to reply.

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