Sell like a crackhead.

Should you take marketing advice from a crackhead thief for your private investigation or process server business? The answer might surprise you!

Years ago when I worked as a Loss Prevention Officer, I caught a guy stealing Toy Story video tapes. And when I say some, I mean ALL!

He stole every single copy in the store.

I’m not going to pretend like it was an easy apprehension, but after the dust settled, he was a pro and I was a pro so we talked a bit while I processed him for the police.

He told me he sold these $25 or $30 videos for $10 on the street, but he didn’t sell them as videos. He sold them as 10 hours of child care!

He explained to his potential customers that a kid would watch the video over and over and over again. This meant, for a single parent, they could have about 10 hours of time to work on other things or simply to rest!

His Secret

He sold the benefit not the item!

No grown-up really wants a copy of Toy Story (Sorry, Disney and Tom Hanks.) But every parent wants affordable child care! So that’s what this shoplifter sold.

Your Turn

Are you selling your service or the benefit?

For skip tracing do you advertise that you will the skip’s address for your client or do are you selling that the litigation can finally move forward and that means a quicker payday for the law firm!

Sell the resolution. Sell the payday.

How about for process serving?

Are you selling that the papers get delivered or do you sell timely service in a professional manner that reflect well on the law firm and moves the case forward to a resolution?

The Real Secret

This is important… you gotta’ know what your potential client wants! Then make them that promises and keep that promise!

How to Know

Want to learn what your potential clients really want? Ask your current clients!

Also, read the publication that target you potential clients. Maybe the Bar Association newsletter, magazine or blog.

I cover this and more in my book How to Make Money as a Private Investigator.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator, Ret.
& Best Selling Author

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