Recon Before Surveillance

Many Private Investigators look at a map and maybe use some online ariel view to plan their surveillance work – and that’s fine. Use the tools you have! But…

For recognizance, nothing replaces going out there ahead of time and driving it.

On The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance, I tell the story of a private detective agency that worked the exact same case at the exact same time as me. I got ALL the information by following the subject and the other agency got nada! On the training DVDs, I share why we were both out there, but for now you just gotta’ know, the reason I was successful and they failed was – I did the recon and they didn’t.

Maps and overhead images don’t show you everything that’s important. Like vegetation and landscaping that’s overgrown and that blocks your view from that “perfect” surveillance spot you chose while sitting comfortably with your computer at home.

Also, since a lot of your stake-outs and even mobile surveillance will start before dawn, make sure you consider the glare of the rising sun when you pick your surveillance spot.

Finally, make sure you have a back-up spot selected in case the morning you get out there to work your case something has changed. Like a big truck parked blocking the view from your primary spot.

I’m just sayin’.

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