Pulling your own criminal record (or someone else’s)! Public Records OSINT.

“How can I get a copy of my own criminal record” is a question I often get because I offer premium private investigator training and have years and years of private investigator experience doing skip tracing, background checks, surveillance and all the rest!

My short answer is to go down to your local county courthouse and into the clerk of court’s office and simply ask. Your criminal records (and everyone else’s) is public record and you are entitled to a copy of it!

As I like to say, “Public records are the people’s records!”

This week’s professional investigator training video covers some of the more subtle details for when you get tot he clerk’s office.

Be prepared to scan the file yourself if they don’t a have a public photo copier available. The good news is most clerk of courts have a copier you can use or will make a copy for you.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

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