Public Urination on background checks and for Security Guards.

Public Urination isn’t really all that big of a deal, however in the security and investigative field a professional like you needs to understand what it means when you find this minor criminal charge on a background check or witness it on or near the property you are tasked with guarding.

For Private Investigators

On a background check (and usually that means a pre-employement screening background check), public urination may show as the charge of public indecency.

As a P.I. you need to understand the difference between a “true” public urination offense and a public indecency offense that is sexually oriented like lewd conduct!

For Security Guards

As a security professional, you need to understand that most public urination is proceeded by public drunkenness. That means the person has been drinking too much and now is making another bad decision.

So… you need to be alert to the increased possibility this person may make another bad decision that’s serious enough for you get involved. (Most of times that “involvement” is going to be making a call to report to your supervisor then follow you other post orders.)

And don’t forget, true public indecency and lewd conduct is a crime that we know tends to escalate to far more serious sexually oriented crimes in the future.

Stay smart and stay safe!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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