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“Secrets of a Successful Process Server Revealed!”

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Dear Entrepreneurial Friend,

Few things in life are more frustrating than having the desire to do the work you know you can do well only to be stymied at every point by businesses and situations determined to frustrate you until you give up and they take all the money!

Heck, you probably have a lot of the skills to skip trace or otherwise work as a Private Investigator. And I know you have it in your blood to do it otherwise you wouldn’t even be reading this. I know because I was there too!

I wanted to make money using the skills I had being able to track down people and improve those skills as well. I wanted to be the best. Eventually I did it and I want to show you exactly how!

To Get Crystal Clear Help...

You'd Find An Expert, Right?

My name is Larry Kaye and in the Private Investigator and Process Server worlds I’m know as “Mr. Been-There-Done-That”.

I was a state licensed Private Investigator, owning and running my own detective agency for 9 years and in that time I’ve solved problems most people thought were the end of their world. Child custody cases, criminal cases, fraud, missing persons, surveillance, just about anything you can name.

But here’s the weird thing…

Even though I was really, really good at my job, I always seemed to need a little extra cash at the end of the month. It was just hard to earn enough, even with my formidable skills! But, that’s when I discovered how much process serving would improve my bottom line.

It wasn’t easy back then trying to learn such a secretive skill. Before the internet it was nearly impossible. But I labored through it and became one of the best! Now I want to make it so much easier for you by sharing my hard-earned knowledge and experience in one easy to learn course even if no one else is willing to teach you!

It’s not your fault!

Whether you want to serve process as your own small business or just pick-up some extra cash working for a process serving company, then you know how hard it can be to get your foot in the door!

No company want’s to train you because when you know how to server process (and it ain’t that hard), then you can easily become their competition by starting your own business!

So the first problem is you need someone who knows this industry inside and out who’s actually willing to share his knowledge with you. I’m not afraid to do that because I’m retired. We will never be in “competition” with each other! In fact, it’s just the opposite. The more you succeed, the better it is for me because your success stories become my best testimonials!

"I have bought your training and now
I'm state certified and run my own process service company."

- Jesus M., Process Server

Allow me to share with you EVERYTHING I know about process serving, successfully for a profit.

I mean it. I’ve created a great process server training course where I tell all. Check it out…

Here are just some of the powerful advantages you'll gain

from this comprehensive training:

Bullet Point The case killing mistake seasoned pro’s make – and how to avoid it!

 Bullet Point How to compete for business without compromising on price.

Bullet Point A very simple tactic that will get you your first case with just about any law firm.

Bullet Point The dirty little secret of “Going Nuclear” on someone refusing to be served.

Bullet Point The shocking industry secret of how attorneys really feel about their process servers.

Bullet Point The legal pitfall some process servers get into while standing with the person they just served!

Bullet Point How young of a person can you serve? (This answer may surprise you!)

Bullet Point Larry’s “Never Fail” method for even the most die-hard refuser.

Bullet Point How to handle dangerous serves.

Bullet Point Which law firms use process servers and which you shouldn’t waste your time on.

Bullet Point Why a classic process server trick may fail and what to do about it.

Bullet Point How to handle a pretext gone bad. (Get this wrong and you – or someone near you – is going to get a beating.)

Bullet Point The most common reaction after a pretext serve – and how to take advantage of that!

Bullet Point When, if ever, to call before serving process.

Bullet Point The fundamentals of a good pretext. (Miss this and you’ll never understand why your pretexts always seem to fail!)

Bullet Point How to handle the service “Sob Story”. (Without crying!)

Bullet Point WARNING: If your service tactics start here, you’re in trouble.

Bullet Point The absolutely wrong thing to say to “refusers” (and most process servers say it).

Bullet Point The two questions you must ask every client, every time!

Bullet Point When you should NEVER I.D. yourself as an Officer of the Court.

Bullet Point Something that makes a HUGE difference in your authority… and the client won’t even know how you did it.

Bullet Point INSANE: The craziest mistake I see Process Servers make with people when it comes to getting them served. (This one leaves me baffled.)

Bullet Point Better than a cop at your side. This one powerful tool is finally revealed.

Bullet Point Working “Big Time” refusers? This trick is worth gold for getting them served.

Bullet Point The single most important principle that helps me land clients for process serving… and how to apply it.

Bullet Point Do this wrong at the beginning and your asking for problems.

Bullet Point What to say when the subject ask: “Why are you doing this to me?”

Bullet Point If you can’t find the subject, this technique should always be used first.

Bullet Point The secret to stopping the “Snowball Effect“.

Bullet Point REVEALED: The best lawyers to prospect to… and the tools that will help!

Bullet Point The Extreme Measures Section. When you need to get brutal, go right to this section.

Bullet Point And much, much more!

Just one of those insider secrets in this training
could easily make you thousands of dollars.

But don’t take my word for it, look at what others say about my training...

"What you teach is really fantastic!
I wish I knew some things earlier!"

- Dominic F., Course Purchaser

"I used to watch your videos...
Now I’m a licensed Private Investigator
and I just opened an agency."

- Alejandro C., Private Investigator

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You can review your order before purchase.

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                                                                             My promise to you!
                                                                  Larry Kaye, P.I. & Process Server, Ret.

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You can review your order before purchase.