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“How to be a Process Server and make money doing it!”

This Streaming Video Course teaches you EVERYTHING!

NowI’ve been there!  We all have.  How do you get experience if no one will hire you because you’ve got no experience!  UGGGH!

If you feel this same frustration, then this letter’s for you.


From: Larry Kaye, P.I.
Date: March 21, 2021, 1:17

Dear Friend,

For nine years I owned and ran my own Private Detective Agency and I saw it almost everyday.

People would call begging to work for me – EVEN FOR FREE! – just to learn the business and to get some of that desperately needed experience!

And the truth is… I remember when I was in their shoes.  Maybe you’re there now so you get what I’m saying.

I thought, “If someone, ANYONE, would just give me a break, I know I could knock it out of the park!”

And here’s what none of those guys who turned me down ever knew.  I DID IT.  And I mean I NAILED IT !


The reason you can’t get experience.
Hint: It’s NOT your fault!


Okay, here’s my confession…

For years I was that guy on the other end of the phone.  The guy who wouldn’t hire anyone who didn’t already have experience.  Sorry.

Here’s what may be even worse… I’d do it again.

After 15+ years as a Private Investigator I know what it takes. And I’ve learned the hard way this big lesson:  Don’t waste time training someone who will leave you as soon as they (finally) get good at being a Private Eye!

At this point, you’ve got to be asking…

“So where can I get the experience?”

…..That was a tough question for years, until I took the time to actually listen to those callers and help them learn that Process Serving is the PERFECT (and instant) way into the business.

And here’s why:

bullet point small dot.Getting your P.I. license is HARD.  Becoming a Process Server is EASY!


bullet point small dot.Getting hired by a Detective Agency is HARD.  Getting hired as a Process Server is EASY (if you have the training).


bullet point small dot.As a Process Server you will be doing skip tracing and surveillance and that means real-world experience!


And no matter how hard you try…

Okay, I’m interested, but…
somebody told me a “trained monkey”
can do process serving.  What’s up with that?

Somebody told me a “trained monkey” can do process serving.  Is that true?

Well, yes and no.  Let me explain…

The actual steps of serving process are extremely simple and easy.  A trained monkey could (in theory) do it… until

Something out of the “ordinary” happens.  And It does.  For example:

  • What if the address you’ve got for the guy you’re supposed to serve is bad?
  • What if the person has actually skipped out?
  • What if the person is hiding and refusing service?
  • What if other Process Servers have tried and failed?
  • What if… well, you get the picture.  Stuff happens.  Then the trained monkey fails and sometimes fails HUGE!

But that’s exactly why I created this complete STREAMING video training courseYOU will know exactly what to do from the “routine” day-to-day serves to the tricky ones that will earn you a reputation for being able to do the impossible!

 Here’s what you learn…

I teach you absolutely EVERYTHING about how to be a successful Process Server!  Take a look at this small sample of what you’re going to know after you get this course:


checkmark green small g i fThe case killing mistake seasoned pro’s make – and how to avoid it!


checkmark green small g i fHow to compete for business without compromising on price.


checkmark green small g i fA very simple tactic that will get you your first case with just about any law firm.


checkmark green small g i fThe dirty little secret of “Going Nuclear” on someone refusing to be served.


checkmark green small g i fThe shocking industry secret of how attorneys feel about their process servers.


checkmark green small g i fThe legal pitfall some process servers get into while standing with the person they just served!


checkmark green small g i fHow young of a person can you serve?  (This answer may surprise you!)


checkmark green small g i fLarry’s  “Never Fail” method for even the most die-hard refuser.


checkmark green small g i fHow to handle dangerous serves.


checkmark green small g i fWhich law firms use process servers and which you shouldn’t waste your time on.


checkmark green small g i fWhy a classic process server trick may fail you and what to do about it.

checkmark green small g i fHow to handle a pretext gone bad.  (Get thisred_arrowwrong and you – or someone near you – is going to get a beating.)


checkmark green small g i fThe most common reaction after a pretext serve – and how to take advantage of that!


checkmark green small g i fWhen, if ever, to call before serving process.


checkmark green small g i fThe fundamentals of a good pretext.  (Miss this and you’ll never understand why your pretexts always seem to fail!)


checkmark green small g i fHow to handle the service “Sob Story”.  (Without crying!)


checkmark green small g i fWARNING:  If your service tactics start here, you’re in trouble.


checkmark green small g i fThe absolutely wrong thing to say to refusers (and most process servers say it).


checkmark green small g i fThe two questions you must ask every client, every time!


checkmark green small g i fWhen you should NEVER I.D. yourself as an Officer of the Court.


checkmark green small g i fSomething that makes a HUGE difference in your authority… and the client won’t even know how you did it.


checkmark green small g i fINSANE:  The craziest mistake I see Process Servers make with people when it comes to getting them served.  (This one leaves me baffled.)


checkmark green small g i fBetter than a cop at your side.  This one powerful tool is finally revealed.


checkmark green small g i fWorking “Big Time” refusers?  This trick is worth gold for getting them served.


checkmark green small g i fThe single most important principle that helps me land clients for process serving… and how to apply it.


checkmark green small g i fDo this wrong at the beginning and your asking for problems.


checkmark green small g i fWhat to say when the subject ask:  “Why are you doing this to me?”


checkmark green small g i fIf you can’t find the subject, this technique should always be used first.


checkmark green small g i fThe secret to stopping the “Snowball Effect“.


checkmark green small g i fREVEALED:  The best lawyers to prospect to… and the tools that will help!


checkmark green small g i fThe Extreme Measures Section.  When you need to get brutal, go right to this section.


checkmark green small g i fAnd much, much more!





Do Not Get ANY Process Server Training That Does Not Meet These Three Criteria…


1. The course must be created by a full time Investigator who actually serves a TON of process papers.


Many courses are designed by part-timers or amateurs. Even worse — some courses are designed by “diploma mill” type schools who would offer to teach you anything if you sent them enough money! This course was designed by professional, full time Private Investigator Larry Kaye, who gives you the knowledge necessary to succeed in this line of work. You get the skills not some bogus “certificate of completion”!


2. Any process server course must include COMPLETE training that teaches the potential problems and clearly explains the solutions!


Now, you should read all the books you can about process serving. But they should NOT be you only source. Heck, they shouldn’t even be your primary source for process server training! Watch out for courses that don’t teach you EVERYTHING.

And I mean what law firms to contact, how much to charge, how to file papers with the court (don’t worry it’s super easy), how to find people, I mean EVERYTHING about this business!

Some Private Detective training can be (mostly) learned from reading a lot of books, but I don’t know of a single source that truly covers everything step-by-step from A to Z about this investigative specialty (including a special and essential section on Extreme Measures).


3. The course must offer a rock solid money-back guarantee.


I don’t know of any other course offering any kind of guarantee! Maybe they don’t trust the quality of their information. Maybe they just want to make a quick buck then leave you high and dry. I don’t know. What I do know is that with The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving you get my exclusive “Stronger Than Pepper Spray Guarantee”!

You get a full YEAR to use this course. If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund during that year, just send back the Bonus Badge and you’ll get a FULL refund. That’s right. Watch the videos. Learn from them! If you’re not over-the-top thrilled, you pay nothing! It’s that simple. No fine print.


Okay, Larry, I’m on board…
depending on how much it cost.


(All the sales books say I’m supposed to pretend like the price doesn’t matter and that you’re so-o-o-o convinced of the value of this training that you don’t care about the cost.  Yeah, right.)

Let’s face it price is an issue.

Here’s what I considered when pricing the course…

If you worked for me for free for just two weeks to get process server training, that would cost you two week’s pay from missing your day job.  I figure that’s gotta’ be around $700.00 (at $8.75/hour) to $1,050.00 or more!

And don’t forget:

    • You’ll also have to do all the “grunt” work that’s not even vaguely related to investigations or serving process. (Things like filing, answering calls, shredding old files, etc.)

    • You have to buy plane tickets (or pay for gas to drive) and work here.

    • Pay for your hotel room.

    • And pony up for meals!

You’re coming real close to three grand ($3,000) when all is said and done.

………………………………………3000 dollars cash

And I’m not sure that even two weeks of “routine” process serving will truly TRAIN you for all the aspects of the art of process serving.

 Or you can look at it this way…

As a process server you’ll be routinely making $50.00 per service pack.  And on a SLOW week you’ll be serving four packets and MAKING $200.00.  Really, you’ll routinely serve 2 or 3 pack a day.  That means (if you want to work that much) you’ll be making $500.00 bucks a week and up.  Each and every week!  Now how much is it worth to learn this skill?

Would you pay $500 once to make $500 each and every week AND be getting the PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR EXPERIENCE you need to move forward in your career?  I hope so.  I know I would!


By now I’m sure you’ll agree this information on video
is “worth” at least $1,000.


Fair enough? But, even at that, I’ve decided to release it for just $397.

And this is a drop in the bucket compared to a $3,000 it should cost you or even the minimum of $500 you’ll MAKE in no time at all after you get this streaming video course!

…..The one time cost for this video course will make you money and get you the experience you’ve been trying so hard to get. And will SAVE you the time and aggravation you would spend over the years trying to learn this on your own!

Here’s the thing…
 Process Serving pays well and you already know this course will pay for itself within 8 process serves or less! Period.

…………………………………Testimonial box PI courses transp

 red_arrow pointBetween the two of us, let ME be the only one to take a chance here.

You can be a person of action and get this training with absolutely NO RISK!  (How often does that happen?!?!)


You are the sole judge and jury because of my…



“Stronger than Pepper Spray

Satisfaction Guarantee!”


You are completely protected by my no hassle, no questions asked “Stronger Than Pepper Spray Guarantee”. You get a FULL YEAR to use this course! If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund during that year, just send back the Process Server Badge (I mean, that’s fair, right?) and get a full refund – no questions asked!

That’s right. If you’re not thrilled, you pay nothing! It’s that simple. It’s that straight forward..

But, why would I do this? BECAUSE I KNOW IT WORKS!


………………..Free Bonus Video immediately when you check out!  Watch it TODAY!

checkmark green small g i fThree sources of information most Private Investigators miss!
checkmark green small g i fHow to use these sources to turn-around unlisted and cell phone numbers.
checkmark green small g i fThe exact word-for-word phrase I use to access these records.  (No lies or pretext needed!)
checkmark green small g i fHow to archive these records so you have a private database on your computer for skip tracing and background checks!

Don’t miss out!

Let’s wrap this up


I’m positive that you can use my Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving and start getting paid for working in the investigative world no matter how tough your state licensing requirements are!


I teach you everything in my course so you can do it when you get this complete STREAMING video courseset for just $397. (Temporarily lowered. See P.S. below.)

Order Now!

……………………………………………………………………………………….Larry Kaye sign off p n g

Don’t miss out! This is your moment.

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P.S. – Remember, if for any reason at all you want a FULL REFUND within the next year, simply send back the Process Server badge and you’ll get back every penny you paid– NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I give you my word.

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Still not sure? I get it. Your careful. Nothing wrong with that. I am too.
Let me suggest you read this letter and see it that helps.