Profit vs Self-Employment Taxes for Private Investigators

You are not making as much money as you think you are as a Private Investigator (or Process Server) because you don’t understand the real bite of Self-Employment and Income taxes!

Currently, in the U.S., self-employment tax is 15.3% of your profit.

If you have a day job, you probably recognize they take a pretty big chunk of money from your paycheck, but not 15%. That’s because your employer is paying about half of that! So you pay part of your Social Security tax and your employer pays part. It’s about a 50/50 split between you and your employer.

But… when you are self-employed, you are the employee and the employer! That means you have to pay it all! And that’s about 15% off the top of what you think is profit!

So if you think you billed out $150 to a client and he paid you $150 and then you paid your expenses, of, say $50, well… you think you made $100 profit!

If you’re budgeting as if you actually have that $100 to keep, save, make a car payment, mortgage payment or whatever… you are going to be way off budget because the government is going to take 15% of that $100 profit as self-employment tax!

That means you really only made $85!

And just to add one more slap to the face, you probably have to pay Income Tax on that $85!

If you are only in the 10% tax bracket, you’re going to pay $8.50 in income tax and that means your $85 “profit” is now only ($85-$8.50=) $76.50

So, in this example, your “$100” in profit is really only about $75 that you actually get! (Real profit.)

You need to know this!

You need to budget accordingly!

Otherwise, on April 15th you will get a tax bill for everything you’ve not been paying all year! And that’s 25% to 33%! OUCH!

How much do I need to set aside for taxes on my detective agency?

Here’s a rule of thumb if you have no idea what’s going on for your business financially…

Set back 33% for taxes.

One third of “what you make” needs to be saved to pay your tax bill.

Just something to think about as you build and grow your detective agency.

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P.S. – How you pay your taxes may be just as important! You may be able to increase your withholdings from your day job paycheck and that will help you immensely! And/Or you might need to pay Estimated Quarterly Taxes. But find out NOW so you aren’t burned at tax time!

P.P.S. – Obliviously I am not a tax guy, financial planner, accountant or anything like that so if you need financial or tax advice, go find a licensed professional! Duh.

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