Pro Investigator reveals what DNA tells us about future encryption fails.

There are future privacy threats you need to be prepping for now including the lessons we’re learning from the use of DNA in cold cases and what it teaches us about encryption.

DNA and Cold Cases

Criminals are being arrested all the time for really cold cases that are decades old. And even if you think “justice delayed is justice denied”, you have to admit, it’s better than these kidnappers, murderers and rapist never being caught!

The key unlocking these arrest and convictions is DNA.

Because technology allows us to sequence and DNA from super-small samples and (even more importantly), because of the vast data available from the (millions?) of people who have willingly submitted their DNA to testing sites for “genealogical analysis”, samples that would have never been matched 5 years ago are routinely being match to perpetrators today.

So what does this tell us about privacy, encryption and secrets?

Threats to Encryption

Just as criminals could never have imagined in the 1970’s (or even at the turn of the century) that their deepest secret – that could cost them their lives – would be exposed so easily and cheaply, your secrets being protected today by encryption will be exposed.

Of course it’s a good thing that criminal “secrets” are being exposed! Heck, that’s frequently part of our job as private investigators! But today’s encryption protects “secrets” that are legitimate to keep hidden.

You purchase history, location, messages, work projects and a million other things protected by encryption should be secret! Commerce, relationships and society as a whole needs legitimate secrets to be kept secure.


Encryption that today would take “thousands of years” to break, will (in the not too distant future) be torn open like it’s no more than tissue paper. I 100%, guarantee it.

The solution to broken encryption.

The only practical solution I know of is to self-evaluate how you keep secrets now and add layers of security that will (hopefully) withstand future attacks.

Just as you when you do a security survey and look for the weak points in a system or facility, take a “walk around and through” you digital life and ask yourself, “What would happen if this protection failed?”

When you find a weakness, add another layer of protection.


Look, I’m not trying to freak you out. Just like it’s happened with DNA it’s happened a hundred times before (postal mail, telegrams, telephones, night vision, aerial surveillance, etc.) and we adapt and survive. So this isn’t an end-of-the-world thing. It’s just “another” thing and I’m prepping you for it now so you and your family (and your clients!) will be in a stronger place when it comes.

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P.S. – After a lesson like that, you may find this promise comforting… “If God is for us who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

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