Private Investigator Tutorial Part 1: How to do a public records criminal background check.

This week is Part 1 of an investigative deep-dive into sources and methods that are completely OSINT (no paid or restricted database services) to look at criminal public records and how to do a public records search as I take you step-by-step on a criminal background check on an unfortunate woman who’s addition appears to have driven her into a life of theft, prostitution and more.

As we look at this woman’s life, please keep in mind a quote from the EXCELLENT book Saint John Paul The Great: His Five Loves by Jason Evert, “.. authentic love is pure, and always leads others to the source of love, which is God himself.” (on page 97).

This totally free method I teach can be used of a personal background check as well as for a professional deep-dive.

Although you may have to go to the courthouse in your county to do this, today’s example uses all online criminal records.

This is Part 1 of a two part Private Investigator Tutorial.

Next week I’ll post Part 2, but it’s my intention to eventually place Part 2 into my paid Public Records Mini-Course. (UPDATE: That course is now open to the public!).

As this investigation unfolds, also not the look behind the scenes into how the police operate and pursue a conviction!

Let me tack you step-by-step into all the details you can find starting with no more than a name!

In this case we turn just a name into a full narrative report of exactly what happened including some address history on the suspect, known associates and even her street name.

This is something I should really place in one of my paid courses, but here it is, my gift to you.


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2 thoughts on “Private Investigator Tutorial Part 1: How to do a public records criminal background check.

    • Thanks for the question, Victor!

      Right now I don’t have plans to make more of my skip tracing guide. Honestly, it is rather expensive to produce in its physical form. Someday I may move my lazy rear-end and make it a digital download, but even then… It’s a tad dated and needs a lot of work to bring it up to date.

      However, the overall lesson of the course is to use public records. Actually going to the courthouse (or wherever) and pulling the files. There is so much in them!

      So the good news is I just opened up my Public Records Mini-Course to the public. (In fact the website still says “Invitation Only”, but it’s open for sale if you’re interested.)

      You can learn more about that course here:

      Let me know if you have any question.

      John 14:21

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